Vulnerability Management Services

Western's Information Security Office (ISO) offers vulnerability management services for system administrators. 

Windows, Mac and Linux Systems

For Windows, Mac and Linux systems, all endpoints must have the Defender for Endpoint client installed.  The client does a daily inventory of all system vulnerabilities such as missing patches and insecure configurations. System administrators have access to detailed vulnerability information and security recommendations in the Microsoft Defender Security Center.

Networking and Internet of Things (iOT) Devices 

For networking and iOT devices, the ISO can provide vulnerability scanning on request.  The ISO also scans all devices not in Defender for Endpoint on a quarterly basis.  Please reach out to the ISO if you need a vulnerability scan done or want access to the Microsoft Defender Security Center.


The ISO has two services for managing website vulnerabilities.  Anything that is Internet facing can be scanned by the federal Cybersecurity Infrastructure and Security Agency (CISA).  The ISO also has their own web application scanner which can do both internal and external facing applications.  Email the ISO at for more information.