Share Data Securely

Care must be taken when sharing confidential data, and confidential data should only be shared using methods approved by the University. 

Sharing through Office 365

Western's Office 365 environment is approved and well suited for sharing of confidential data. If you need an ongoing collaboration with a small group, try using a Microsoft SharePoint site or Team.  If you need to share a file or folder on an ad-hoc basis or if you are sharing with someone out side of Western, try creating a secure sharing link from a OneDrive or SharePoint site.  

Sharing through email

One thing you should not do is to email confidential data unencrypted.  Western's email system does have the ability to encrypt email, however, and you should use this feature if necessary.

If you work with a web based application that requires authentication, you can share access with colleagues by using links.

For additional information on data sharing, see the ATUS File Storage, File Sharing, and Backups page.